How much Sofi has paid me

 Sofi is my favorite trading app by far, and I know I have already said as much. But I want to highlight why, and that is because they have paid me the most money! 

Let me start with my grand total which is about $415! 

That is pretty awesome, and really not much work at all. More important than just the number though is probably the breakdown. I got this money from basically three different activities.

First I want to mention the rewards program in the app. From the rewards program I have made 16,142 in points = which is $161.42

Now, quite a bit of this I think is credit card rewards, which is more a product of my spending than anything else. But still, at 2% cash back, the sofi card is definitely worth looking into. It is my default credit card now. These rewards definitely aren't all credit card rewards though, you get points just for logging into the app daily, as well as reading news in the app, or signing up for other Sofi products. In short, it is easy to get some extra money with little work. After all, this is what I am all about.

Beyond the rewards in the app, I also did get sign up bonuses. I think most of these bonuses are now fully integrated into the rewards system, but for me, I received quite a few of these separately.

I made perhaps $50 or so in sign-up bonuses. I signed up for Invest first, and I got some free stock, but then they offered additional services, like a bank account, which I signed up for and got another bonus. Then they offered a credit card, which I signed up for and got additional rewards. I’m estimating I got about $50 in rewards from all the different sign ups.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the sofi abmasors program. I don’t really know how you get into this program, but I just did. And well, unfortunately, this version of the program just ended. And I earned 8,155 points from it. Each 400 points is $10. So the points I have earned is about ~$204 

This all turns into about $ 415  as I mentioned at the top of the post. 

In addition to just the money though,  I was able to take my first Coursera course and earn a certificate. Just to be clear, I have audited quite a few courses, but this is the first course where I was able to earn a certificate (I’m too cheap to pay for that!). Coursera is one of my favorite platforms to learn on, so I am so glad I had the opportunity. Plus, I think it helped me to further my personal finance skills.

I recommend trying out the app for yourself! I recommend starting out with just Invest,  and joining their other offerings as they provide welcome incentives. If you use my link we both will get $15.

And with all the rewards I mentioned, I think it is a really easy call.


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