My Favorite Stock App

 I have written about quite a few different stock trading apps over the years. The classic Robinhood, the app that started the free trades movement. Webull, Graham Stephan’s most talked about stock app. And now, my personal favorite, SoFi. 

Why is SoFi my favorite? Well, for me, there has been no end of promotions for it. First, I was given a great sign up bonus of $50 for investing $1000. Next I was given 1% as a bonus for all the money I put into the app, so then I dumped a ton of money into the app. They also have cross sold me on quite a few products. I signed up for their crypto program and got $25 of bitcoin, which has since tripled in value.

I signed up for their savings account which also gave me a nice 100 bucks. In essence, they have given me a lot of money, and I love them for it. So much so, I also signed up to be an ambassador for them. So I can talk about how great they are, and yes, reap further benefits.

Trading on the app is pretty straightforward, really, it's like any other trading app. You are able to play limit orders (recommended listening).  To my knowledge, SoFi hasn’t crashed on a major trading day either, which is better than I can say for some trading apps.

Beyond stock trading, they have lots of other features, like I was mentioning above, a savings account, debt refinancing, etc. They also have another service call relay, where you can link all your accounts together and have a one stop view of your finances.  I have yet to use this feature, but I plan to in the future and will report back on it.  In the meantime, why don’t you try out the app yourself? You will get $50 of stock when you invest $1,000. Here is my link to sign up.

In the short time since I wrote this piece, it seems even more important than ever. I was able to use Sofi to by whatever stock I wanted, whereas some actions were restricted recently on Robinhood. Just one other reason to check out Sofi.


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