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Frugal RV Family travel

Think frugal RV family travel is impossible? Think again.
Frugal RV Travel for families is not only possible; it's fun, educational, rewarding, and will give you memories you will all cherish for a lifetime. I know this because I've been there, done that, and I'm hooked.
If you crave family adventure travel and have been putting off your road trip because you have young children, read on to find out how you don't have to wait until the kids move out to live your dreams. Here's how to RV Travel with your family on the cheap.
1. Buying an RV? Stay away from the dealerships.
If your goal is to travel frugally, buying an RV at a dealership is almost never a good deal. A new RV can cost as much as a house, and used RV prices aren't all that much better, either.
We scored our 32-foot RV for the amazing price of CND$10,000. Yes, it's 19 years old, but it's in amazing shape and took us safely across two countries.
Although for the frugally-minded, $10,0…

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