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Thrifting Your Way to Abundant Living

It takes an adventurous spirit to take the plunge into the realm of thrifting, but there are tons of great reasons to take it up.
Being on a journey of spiritual exploration and just part-time self employed, I was put in a financial situation where I had to really get creative to source the things I needed in life, for a fraction of the cost. Through my journey of frugal living, I have grown to love both the fascinating process and exceptional outcomes of thrifting.
I started with the basics, and over time have accumulated a wealth of fantastic finds. By now, I have mastered the arts of scouring online marketplaces and sifting through various thrift stores in my city to find everything I need. My cheap laminate furniture has all been replaced with gorgeous, solid wood, previously-owned furniture, I have upgraded my kitchenware, and I have even brought in quality second-hand home decor and lighting for my Airbnb suites.
Most significantly for me, however, was having completely replaced …

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