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The Frug Life quick update

I have a few things I want to discuss here. One, the Frug Life newsletter is in beta, if you are interested in joining, contact me directly. The last newsletter even included a draft edition of my new book. And more prizes will surely come.
Two, I have huge news going to be released on Monday’s episode of the podcast. You absolutely must give this episode a listen.
Three, we have more guest content coming to the blog soon. Let me know what articles you like best and what topics I should cover more of.
Four, the reviews giveaway is still ongoing. Leave a review on Apple podcast or another podcast app of your choice and you will be entered to win. The drawing will be held when there are 50 reviews.
And five, attached is a 3-month income statement for the podcast. It is still a draft and may change slightly, but I think I have everything there. I may do another similar post in a month and go into a little more detail on the different expenses.

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