Thanks for clicking here, helping you achieve your goals is a huge source of enjoyment for me. If you are able to help support the show so I can help more people, I would greatly appreciate it. Even better, most of these options will help  you as well.

Investment Apps

My favorite investment app is now Sofi.  It has stocks, but also cash management features. After robin hood failed to pay me for some of my referrals and crashed on of the biggest trading days ever, Sofi now is my platform of choice. The deals change  from time to time, but you should be able to get $50 when you invest $1,000.

Sofi Link

We all need options though, as my backup and second choice in case Sofi is down is Webull. Also, Webull only needs $100 to start off and you get two free stocks.



Lastly, is the biggest name in the industry Robinhood. For years it was my favorite interface, and with the biggest brand name, they are worth a try as well. Get a free stock when you sign up using my link.


Other Links

Sign up for a bank account with Yotta Savings and get one of the best interest rates!

Use my Referral code Richard45 for bonus tickets!

If you have need of freelance services, I recommend Simbi. It is like Fiverr, except instead of paying with money, you use a digital currency called Simbi. Use my link to get some extra Simbi when you start out.


Lastly, if you already have all three apps, you can also directly support the show. Your questions will have priority status. If people are interested in it, I may start a Patreon as well, which would help me offer more formalized benefits for your contribution.


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