The Frugalest book review

 If you don't know, I've been spending some of my limited free time writing nonfiction. It's as much of a surprise to me as it might be to you. And not just a little writing either, I have 4 novella length stories in various stages of completion. They are all set in the same fantasy universe, the Realms of Manetera.

But that isn't what I am writing about today. In my writing journey, I have struggled to find beta readers. I've tried a bunch of stuff. Hiring people on Simbi, sharing on Wattpad and more. Still I have heard too much back yet. I've explored other websites too, where you pay for beta readers. So even charge you and you still have to read other peoples work in exchange. Not sure how that makes sense. 

So I thought of an alternative, at least for some people: Leaf bound review, where you get a free honest book review. If you like the review we can also put it on Goodreads or the platform of your choice. If you don't, it will stay only on leaf bound review. 

To sign up you just need to provide where we can read your work and sign up for the email list. I don't think we will actually email hardly ever. We don't have the time to run a newsletter. In either case it seems like a fair trade for a review. Here is the link to sign up to receive a review. The price, if I didn’t make it clear before, is totally free. The idea here is we are just trying to get some exposure now. I also have a podcast explaining all this as well.  So if you need a book review, well, there you have it.


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