Be a Guest on the Podcast

The Frug Life is always looking for interesting people to feature on the show. If you are interested, it can be a great way to share your insight and garner a little attention for yourself. As you probably know, the podcast is not an interview show, so there are two ways to appear on the show.

Format one is a short (3-5 minute) clip speaking on a topic of choice. I typically do a few of these in a round up style episode of the show, showcasing 3-5 creators. Here is an example of this format in action. 

Format two is a guest directed segment, in essence, the guest and I work collaboratively to write a script which will air on the show (7-15 minutes). This is done in a google doc, totally asynchronously. You write the first draft of the script, I review, ask question, and wordsmith it with you. We might also practice some of your delivery of the script. Here is an example of this format:

If you have another format in mind, free free to contact me as well. You can reach out to me at

Please include the format of choice, as well as some potential topic ideas you would like to speak about.


When can we set up a call to record the episode?

Part of the beauty of these formats is that we actually don't need schedule a call or a recording together. You can record locally whenever you are ready! If we do need to refine the script I might set up a call with you.


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