Googling with Bing

One of my most profitable ways to make money online has been very simple. Using Bing as my search engine. And yes, Bing pays me to use them. It's a little crazy. Over the years, I have made a few hundred dollars just by directing some of my search traffic to Bing. I don’t even use Bing as my primary search engine either, just on my work computer and on edge. 

So what kind of money can you expect from Bing?

An Amazon gift card costs 5,250 points for a $5 card. Other offers are more like 5,000 points to $5 gift card. So it's roughly 1,000 points to a dollar. 

You can get 150 points on desktop and 100 points on mobile and also get 20 additional points a day using edge. There are also little fun polls and whatnot that give points as well. If you are just passively earning 270 points a day, that is about 8 bucks a month with no effort required. So not bad. Plus it has some other benefits. 

You can also set a non profit to support with your bing searches. So my Bing searches help San Diego Mesa college foundation. I actually chair the finance committee there. 

If you are concerned about quality, “I don’t want to use Bing, I like Google!” Well, it's about as good in quality as Google.

If you are worried about privacy, you probably shouldn’t use either and use duckduckgo or something. But I don't care about my cookies. However, if I'm going to be giving them out, I think I should be paid a little for it. 

Sometimes I haven’t done enough searching at the end of the day, so I will just search random letters. I  can get all my daily searches in just a few minutes. Really, this is probably one of my easiest and most successful methods of earning online. 


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