Mode Phone Review

 So I was in need of a new phone, so I got the Mode phone. 

I’ve seen a few reviews on it. They were all positive  so I figured, why not.

My very first impression was, the screen has an interesting texture, but this is a bit of a problem, as it is the most scratch prone screen I have ever had. So using a screen protector is a must.

Next, the phone didn’t accept my wireless carrier. I don’t think the phone supports 5G. So yeah, I think most/ many networks will not work with the Mode earn phone. 

As far as the experience using the phone, the mode earnings app works great on it. Without the phone, the app is unbearable due to  it taking control of your lock screen.

The phone's speaker is one of the loudest I have heard, but at any sound level it is very tinny. Probably the worst of any modern phone I have used.

That being said, I do like the mode app at times, in particular the curated radio stations can be very nice, and you get paid to listen to it. At least from my experience with Spotify or pandora you can really get stuck listening to the same stuff. The algorithms aren't very good, an old fashioned curated by a human radio station can be nice. 

On some of the stations by mode, the playlists are curated by people and can get very niche. For example, I listen to a station of just Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, which was great. I haven’t listened much to Fleetwood Mac from that era. But I enjoyed it. And I have mode to thank for finding that station. 

I only wish the phone used my network, and I bought a screen protector, and then the phone would have been pretty ok, all things considered.

Oh, the phone is advertised as 128 gb, but it's really just 64 with a 64 sd card.

So overall, my thoughts are mixed. If you have an old network, this might work on that still. The phone itself is ok, although perhaps a bit dated.  It has been a little while since I wrote this post, and I think the longer I wait, the more dated the review becomes, as I think the network the phone uses will cease working altogether.


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