Libby, a great app for ebooks and audio books

I have enjoyed audio books, they are great to listen to as you, do dishes, yard work, commute, and more. My problem though, is that they are expensive. It's like 15 bucks for a book on Amazon. That is too much for Mr. Frug! 

But my sister actually showed me a great app, Libby. I was able to sign up for my local county library with the app and then instantly get access to a whole host of ebooks and audio books. The selection is great. 

For those in San Diego it is with the county library, not the city. I didn't know there was a county library before this. I didn’t have to travel anywhere, I just signed up for a card right there, in the app. It took 5 minutes. 

Additionally, you can add additional cards. I added my San Jose library card, which actually had a different selection of books and services. 

I was even able to access an online course catalog! Which you may know, I love online learning. Specifically, I was able to get access to The Great Courses plus, which has tons of great videos to watch and learn from.  It’s crazy that it is included.

I then spent part of my day trying to see if I had any other library cards to add to my account. When I lived in Colorado, I think I had a few. But that was years ago and I couldn't find them. 

Maybe the next time I move though, a small perk will be adding another card to my Libby account. 

It's always good to improve yourself, to read and to study. No matter the stage of life you are in, you should always be learning. And what better price is there than free? I think this whole post has sounded a bit like an ad. Libby is not paying me, but it is a great service. I’ve also heard on NPR recently that ebooks are getting more expensive. So it may be best to hop on this opportunity sooner rather than later.


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