The Magic of Thinking Big


A while back, I read a book, The Magic of Thinking Big. 

And well, I had some thoughts on the book. In one example given by the book, a golfer has only one arm. In the book, I think it said he was better than other golfers despite having one arm. And the books claim this is due to his belief in himself.

I don’t agree with this. He is better because he worked hard, practiced longer and thought about how to adapt traditional golf style into his own style. I have met countless people who believethey are great at sports, that they are the best in the room. Time and time again I have observed that they rarely are. 

Belief is just one small step. Without belief you probably couldn't put in the time and effort you need to become great,  why would you try so hard if you knew you could not succeed. But believing is just one small step. The true magic is in the discipline, the repetition, the practice. 

As I once heard, most overnight successes aren't. 

Belief is just one step and you don't need to have a grand vision to start. You just need to start and your vision, your dream can come later. 

Some people ask, what should I do with my life? And they stop going to school, stop working or work a static job, and wonder what they should do next. Well, it is in actually doing that you will come to know. Try a new major, try a new job! You don't need to believe in anything in particular, it's much more important that you move, that you act. 

“To do is to be.” — Jean-Paul Sartre.

Belief alone is crippling. 

I don't know if my next book will be a success and I'm OK with that. I don't know the outcome in advance, and to believe to the contrary is just lying to myself. 

As I sit to write I don't think about how this book needs to be a bestseller. That the words I write need to be worthy of being a best seller. No, I just write and I write whatever comes to mind. Belief doesn't really play a role, it just happens when I have put in the energy, time, and concentration.

Another person who does this kind of thinking is Bob Proctor, 

Bob was asked by a reporter about starving children in Darfur.

CYNTHIA McFADDEN: Children in Darfur are starving to death. 


CYNTHIA McFADDEN: Ha…have they attracted that starvation to themselves? 

Bob basically goes on to day, yes to this question and that the reason these children are starving is that they don’t think, and that if he could talk to them, he could teach them how to think and not starve. Personally, I think this idea is insane. The idea that starving children don’t have a burning desire for food doesn’t make any sense to me. If you really could just think positive thoughts and have belief all the way to the bank, everyone would be rich, no one would starve and everyone could hold hands and sing together.

What actually matters

Well, there are alot of things that matter, but I think one of the most important are probably actually starting, and two sticking with it. Lots of people have goals, what is rare is the follow up. The discipline to actually show up to the gym everyday. The willpower to do the things that you don’t want to, and the tenacity to do it over and over again. So sure, think big, but also, do big.

I also have a podcast episode that is a bit similar in concept to this one on the classic book, Think and Grow Rich. I’ve embedded it below.  I hope you enjoy.


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