Happy Thanksgiving

 To all my US listeners and readers, happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful time it is to reflect upon our lives and think of things we are thankful for. What a wonderful time it also is to overindulge in food and to spend time with family. I know I have been watching my cholesterol lately, so I’m particularly looking forward to eating a bunch.

To reflect upon just one thing I am thankful for, among many, it is you, the person reading this right now. Without you, this blog and podcast would not exist. I only make money (and not much at that) as people consume my content, so to you I am grateful. 

There aren’t too many tricks or hacks in life to get ahead, but I think gratitude might be one of them. It can be difficult to change our circumstances, impossible at times. But we can change our thoughts about those circumstances.  I recorded a whole episode about this before. Why don’t you have a listen and enjoy the holiday.


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