Update on The Frug Life July 2022

 I thought I would give a quick written update as to the state of the Frug Life. As you might know, a month ago I got Covid, and I think just now my voice is starting to fully recover. So that is why there haven’t been any episodes of the show. The show also has decreased in frequency even before this, and part of that was I just didn’t have the time to put into it, and the monetization was just not there. 

However, for the time being, I do have Anchor as sponsorship again, so I am hoping to start releasing episodes again. Like anything in life, once you break a habit, it can be hard to get back into it again. As I sometimes listen to other personal finance shows about budgeting or saving money, I sometimes am bored and wonder why I am even in this niche. “Everything about personal finance has already been said!” I might think to myself. But this really isn’t true. Particularly in regards to investing, I think there is a lot I can say still. 

Speaking of investing, we find ourselves at an interesting time (but then again, what time isn’t interesting? It's only in hindsight we can see it was “boring” or “uneventful''), we may be on the cusp of a recession or already in it. I hope to tackle this in an upcoming episode of the show. Perhaps it is a time to make sure our foundations are secure, that we have an emergency fund, but also, perhaps some food storage and water storage as well (I’m not a prepper, but it seems like a good idea).  I hope to cover all this in more detail soon.

Also in the future, I will announce the big project that has been taking all my time. It is a new book unlike anything I have worked on so far.  If you want to see more about it, here is a link to sign up to a newsletter where all the big updates on the book will come.

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