2020 Podcast Metrics

 Here are some behind the scenes numbers for The Frug Life Podcast and Blog. All of my bookkeeping is done with Quickbooks Online. As an accountant, of course I love to make financial statements. Here is the P&L for the podcast:

Now let's discuss some of the numbers in this statement. 

The Ad Revenue was from  Anchor. Until October of 2020, the podcast ran ads from Anchor.fm, which are still on youtube if you want to listen to them. The sales were book sales (my book A Real Money Book is on Amazon). The sponsorship income was from Podcorn (a site that connects podcasts and sponsors). Lastly, the stock referral income was from Webull and Robinhood.

Now let's get to some of the nonfinancial metrics. Before you say, Mr. Frug, where is the balance sheet? Well, frankly, it wouldn’t really tell you that much about the show, it really just shows my cash and equity position.

So here is a graph of my listenership over the past year. As well as top episodes and other demographic information. 

A small note here, but I’m not entirely sure what “other” represents here. It is a common question in the anchor.fm subreddit, but one I do not think has been answered. 

It is also interesting that 20% of my audience is from outside the US, but there isn’t really a centralized second location. I think Australia is next due to featuring the work of an Australian podcaster and blogger (Frugal and Thriving) in this episode of the podcast

And here are some of the pageviews for The Frug Life Blog.

I think I only installed the tool in May, so that is why everything prior is blank.

Do any of these metrics stand out to you? Let me know in the comments!


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