Webull is owned by Alibaba

 Webull is owned by Alibaba?

I recently read an article on Bloomberg that surprised me! Webull is owned by Alibaba. Yes, the makers of WeChat, and We… What else do they do? WeChat already does everything. I probably should know a little bit more about them since I first invested in BABA in 2019. I did a little due diligence, first asking someone from China if they had heard of the app (it was on their phone even). And then asking what they use it for (pretty much anything you would do on a phone, chat, pay people, etc).

Anyways, consistent with the “we” naming convention, I guess Webull makes sense. Why not add a stock app to the mix too.

And I have to say, my experience with Robinhood hasn’t been the best lately. With the somewhat recent crashes on major trading days, I am disappointed with the platform. I was probably going to buy more stocks on the days the market went down.  But beyond that, my most recent encounter with support was subpar. Worst of all, one of my referrals with the app didn’t work. Someone signed up with my url and I did not get credit for it. The podcast and blog are funded by affiliate links, so one not working is a huge blow. Who knows how many people I signed up and I got nothing for it.

For all those reasons and more, I’m moving my recommendations away from Robinhood and towards other platforms. I have ceased trading on Robinhood. Instead, I recommend Webull or SoFi (which will be the topic of another post).

Webull also has some great sign up bonuses. Use my link to join and get a free stock.



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