2020 in Review

2020, in some ways, was a great year for me. Sure, I didn’t travel much at all and was cooped up inside quite a bit. But also, I was able to make great progress in my financial goals. Here is my 2020 in review. I hope you find the numbers interesting. If you want me to go over anything more in detail, please let me know!

In 2020, my ending net worth increased 132% percent over last year. My cash positions increased 98% percent although my CD positions decreased 84% (as rates are too low to roll them into new CDs).  My retirement accounts increased 285% percent, and my other investments increased 563% percent.  

Here is my allocation amongst different account types. I have omitted my physical positions like coins, cars, etc. 

Breaking down those numbers, I think 37% percent of my net worth changes were due to salary. 

So some of it was related to various sign up bonuses, employee matches, stimulus checks, etc. on top of that. But probably 50% of my net worth increase was related to stock/investment appreciation.

And a small negative percent was due to the podcast. That's right, the podcast lost a little bit of money. Truly this is a labor of love. 

I'm hoping the podcast will turn a better profit in the future though.


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