The Phone Farm is Dead.

The phone farm is dead. 

One of the purposes of this blog is to give updates about one of my books, A Real Money Book.

In case you haven’t read my book yet or don’t know what a phone farm is, I used to use my old cell phones to auto play videos. The videos would display ads and the app owners would split the ad revenue with the phone users. Basically the idea was you would get paid to watch their content. Since the videos would autoplay though, I just left the phones running 24/7 generating money for me. Know it wasn’t life changing money, but over the life of the phones, it was a few hundred dollars. I considered it a pretty good deal for just a few bucks of electricity and a small amount of time to set it up. 

But that all has changed. Just a few days ago, I finally pulled the plug on my phone farm. It has been quite a while since my last payout, and the app I was using seems to have stopped working.  I was using the rewardable app until just recently, although I hadn’t gotten a payout in quite a while, and the rewardable website has been down for quite a while.

And I'm not the only one who has shut down. It seems like the consensus on reddit is that phone farms are dead. And in general, playing videos for passive income is not doing well. Swagbucks’s video feature is gone, as well as inbox dollars. On both sites, videos were my primary method of earning. As you might know, I hate surveys. 

So in addition to rewardable shutting down, since writing the book, Engage TV shut down, Perk shut down, basically all the big names in the phone farm space. Other sites like the podcast app Podcoin shut down, which were all part of my phone farm. The remaining apps I have all require manual intervention, which just isn't worth the effort. 

It's been a good run, but it looks like my old moto es are finally going to sleep.  But in some ways, that is just how passive income works. Sometimes your old system breaks and you have to find something new. I'll have to update the book itself as well but that might be next year.


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