Where do I get my news?

A listener of the show asked me where one can go to learn more about stocks, the economy, and being frugal, besides the Frug Life of course. Well, here are some of the shows I listen to on a regular or semi-regular basis.


My favorite economics podcast is probably Planet Money. They have covered a wealth of topics, from how to remove a CEO from his position to selling crude oil. The show is always very engaging. It also has a sister show, The Indicator, which I like as well. It's a shorter version of Planet Money and it is daily. Both of these are friendly to people of any educational background.

Another show I watch every time it comes out is Money for the Rest of Us. It is done by a former institutional investment advisor. This show is very in depth and numbers focused. I don’t recommend it to everyone - you’d have to thoroughly enjoy economics. If you do though, you will love the show.

The rest of the podcasts I listen to are more on and off.

If you are interested more in creating a business and running your own business, Pat Flynn has a show called The Smart Passive Income Podcast. Most of the shows are interviews. He often has some great insights and often I feel very motivated about my business activities after listening to the show.

I do sometimes listen to Dave Ramsey. I think if you are in debt, he is a great motivational tool and gives good advice in some aspects. I wouldn’t really turn to him for investment advice, but I think he is good overall.

Lastly, I wanted to mention two shows, Afford Anything, and Stacking Benjamins. Both are good sources of information and entertainment. I think they are a little bit more on the entertainment side of things, by their own admission. For legal reasons, they both claim to be entertainment only, whereas David Stein and more professional podcasts will say they are for general education.


Those are all the podcasts I wanted to mention. When it comes to YouTube, I watch the Gram Stephan show all the time. He runs a very interesting channel. Now, some of his videos have pretty click-baity titles, that is kind of how you win at YouTube. But still, I enjoy his content and, as he is a real estate agent, it is very real estate focused.

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Last, I wanted to mention one final source of information, news that is sent directly to your inbox. These are The Hustle, and Morning Brew. They are quite similar with some great news and very business focused. I would sign up for both and see how you like them. Be sure to use my links below as I get some goodies from them if you sign up.



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