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One Year Income Statement for The Frug Life (Podcast)

One year later, and the podcast is still going strong. I thought I would share some of my metrics for those who are interested. I always find it so interesting to see the business aspect of some of my favorite podcasts and Youtube channels (sometimes more interesting than the content itself). So here are some of my metrics for the last year of podcasting.
Here is my profit and loss statement for the past year, as well as a screencap from my Stripe account. The Stripe balance roughly should equal the ad revenue plus contributor income in the statement below (the difference is timing, as I didn’t pull the wallet balance exactly one year after the podcast started).

As you can see, the podcast made most of its revenue from the dynamic ads enabled on each episode. I also made some money from someone signing up for Robinhood as well as some money from a subscription. Most of the expenses were related to business cards, a gift card promo, and depreciation of audio equipment.
The podcast has nea…

February Update

Hello readers, I am doing an interesting little experiment now. For the next month, I am going to regularly publish content on the blog. So for the next 4 weeks, expect a new post every week. As you may have seen, we had a great new guest post last week, and there are two more to come.

The podcast is moving along pretty well. As of writing, it is about to hit 2,500 listens! If you aren’t already subscribed, you should be. It is on every major podcasting app, just look up “The Frug Life”. You can also listen at

Also, I have launched a new version of my book, A Real Money Book, is available for sale on Amazon for just $3! It is a phenomenal deal as it provides value that is much higher than that. The book is a personal finance book that focuses on little steps and things you can do right now to make more money. Also, as an exclusive benefit to my blog readers, if you purchase a copy of the book, you can email me ( your receipt and I will email you a copy of my first book, Zero to Moon, for free!

Anyways, this post isn’t meant to be all about my book, it is also an opportunity to share what type of content you would like to see in the upcoming months. If there are any topics you would like covered, please reach out and I would be happy to look into a topic for you.


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