Frugal Shaving

If you are like me, you hate shaving, or at least I used to. I would use cheap disposable razors or an electric. My electric razors would eventually break after a few years. I would never pay for a razor that needed expensive cartridges, that seems like a scam. How can just a few razors cost so much money? Well, they really shouldn’t. Instead, I recently got a safety razor. It trims way better than a cheap disposable razor, but it is just as inexpensive!

This is about 100 blades for just 10 bucks. That is just like a few traditional cartridges. So at about 10 cents a razor, I think it is a great deal, plus a much better quality of life. Being frugal isn’t about about the lowest possible price, it's about getting the best value.All this comes with just a $17 buck investment into a handle. I love mine so far.

Note, the links above are affiliate links and I do receive compensation from amazon if you use them. Regardless, I do endorse the razor handle. I have not ordered this particular refill pack yet, but the razor blades are commodities and I don’t anticipate any issues with them.


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