Best Dollar Tree Foods

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One of the best ways to find the best deals is to shop around. Dollar stores sometimes get a bad rap for having poor quality food. Sometimes that is the case (Some of the food at dollar stores is downright awful or a terrible price per pound), but not always! Here are some of my favorite finds from the Dollar Tree.

Pot stickers-

These aren’t the best pot stickers, but they aren’t the worst either. At $1 for 6 oz who can argue though! I highly recommend these.

Spring rolls-
Also, not the best spring rolls, but certainly worth a dollar! These get a strong recommendation from me.

1 lb for a dollar!

Frozen fruit-
At a typical grocery store, this would cost at least twice as much!

Don’t go out of you way for these next ones, but they are still noteworthy. 

Frozen vegetables-


My Dollar Tree has 8 eggs for a dollar. Safeway has 6 eggs for like $2.50. Dollar Tree is a clear winner! In Utah I could by a dozen eggs for a buck though, so I guess it depends on where you live.

Pizza rolls-

Twenty pizza rolls for a buck. They make for a nice little meal. Not crazy flavorful, but good on occasion.

Treet (like spam, but not as good)-

Also, I just barely found this chicken sausage.

Looks pretty good!

Here are some items I haven’t yet found at my local Dollar Tree but I am looking for:

Ravioli for 1 buck, wow!

Pierogi, also a dollar, wow!


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