4 Month Income Statement

I saw another blog https://financiallyfreeeverafter.com/ which has monthly reports on how the blog is doing financially. I loved the idea that I thought I would try it myself.


Amazon affiliates $0

Anonymous adds 0.00000133 BTC ( $0.0048 USD).


25 simbi for content (USD Value ??)


$0.0048 USD

So for 4 months, this doesn’t look too good. It looks like I made nothing from Amazon affiliates and I made less than a penny for my ads. I also spent 25 Simbi on content. Simbi is a site where you can exchange goods and services using a virtual currency, Simbi. You can check it out here. Use my referral link and you will get some added bonuses.

Hopefully I will have more interesting information to share in the near future. It looks like my first 4 months of operation have not been very eventful.


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